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Our Work

Frame built

Above is a frame built for a client where the customer required the unit to meet +/-0.030 inch tolerances for flatness and Caliber achieved this without machining by using special German built Demmeler welding tables to ensure fit up is very well controlled.

welding parts-medium

Here Dan is welding a base plate for mining weldment.  Welder-fitters at Caliber are certified to CWB level 2 welding standards which allows them to manage and build parts that are structural in nature like bridges and canopies.

Cutting an access hole in a 54 foot high 16 inch diameter

Kevin is cutting an access hole in a 54 foot high 16 inch diameter column for a city center installation.  All the welds on this column were then also magnetic particle tested to ensure the column was built to the job requirements.

Employee Painting shrouds for a mining truck

John paints shrouds for a mining truck while he works in a paint booth made more efficient through a passive return air system that was installed at Caliber in the fall to improve air flow, cut heating losses and reduce drafts in the building offices.

Cutting parts for customers

Shawn has setup 3 sheets of steel on the large 18 foot by 28 foot high definition plasma cutting table Caliber uses to cut parts for customers. The table is designed so that the dust collector drawing the smoke away only runs when the machine is cutting, thereby cutting heating losses by over 70% per year.

Bending 20 foot long parts

Chris and Rose are shown bending up 20 foot long parts on Caliber’s 900 ton brake press. The staff routinely bend AR400 and CHT100 high strength steels as well as structural plate up to 2 inches thick.

Steam clean parts

Bill steam cleans parts using a 300 degree steam system prior to painting to ensure the parts have no oil or residues on them and adding a phosphate solution for etching material prior to painting. Caliber worked with the painting staff to design the steam cleaning system to be “on demand” rather than running the full shift. The energy used by the system was cut by 60% through this concerted effort by the team.